Valentine’s Day 2017: Steakhouse 55

Valentine's Day - Steakhouse 55

Valentine’s Day 2017: Steakhouse 55

Valentine’s Day is one of the important days of the year for us, it celebrates the love between two people. Usually we try to have a dinner and just reminisce about the years that we have spent together. I have always tried to book a dinner at the Disneyland Resort since that’s one of the important places that we have went to when we were still dating. This year the restaurant that we were fortunate to try is Steakhouse 55.

We have went to Steakhouse 55 a couple of times before and also the second time for Valentine’s Day. The previous time that we went here, there was not a prix fix menu, but this year there was one. We decided to not get the prix fix menu and order from the regular menu.

The first thing that they give you to start the meal is always the bread.
Steakhouse 55 - Bread
The bread is always warm when we come here and the butter is soft and ready to use. It has a great aroma and thick crust that it is good to create bread pudding if you have some leftovers.

We decided to get a fried ravioli and lobster bisque for our appetizers at Steakhouse 55.
Steakhouse 55 - Fried Raviolli
Steakhouse 55 - Lobster Bisque
This is the second time that we got the lobster bisque for an appetizer. It was better than the last time, since the last time that we got it, it was a little salty. This was the first time that we tried the fried ravioli. It came with 3 pieces with a tomato concasee with an egg on top. We loved the ravioli, but the table next to us, order it 3 times that’s how much they loved it.

Now for the main part of the meal.

For entre, we ordered the Braised Prime Boneless Short Rib and the Hickory-mopped New York Strip at Steakhouse 55.
Steakhouse 55 - Beef Short Rib
Steakhouse 55 - New York Strip
This was the first time that we have tried these entries and one was good and the other was decent. The New York Strip was covered with the hickory flavored sauce that made each bite delicious and juicy. It gave another dimension to each bite and was delicious. The Beef Short Rib was lacking some flavor so we decided to put some salt on there to make it better. It was something that we are not going to get the next time we go there. We were hoping to get some sort of rice or another vessel that we can put the sauce for the short rib maybe that might have made it better.

The side that we tried was the seasonal risotto, which was the duck confit with carrot and pouched egg.
Steakhouse 55 - Seasonal Risotto Once we received the risotto, the server kindly told us to break the yolk and mix the egg all through the risotto, which we did and it was delicious. The risotto was nicely cooked and the duck confit gave it a nice meaty flavor. We enjoy duck so that was another plus on our book. The egg gave it a creamy taste with the nicely cooked yolk.

The piece de resistance

Steakhouse 55 - 24 Layer Cake
Yes that happened after the meal. What can we say about this? Order it.

Overall the meal was excellent and we had a great time and the staff was great. The service was a little slow, but it just means more time to talk and enjoy the dinner together.